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Checking your Google Rankings is a MUST nowadays, yet there are no good rank checkers out there! At least that’s what I thought until I found CuteRank…
Some rank checkers allow you to add profiles for each site and its keywords. Some others allow you to add all your sites and all of your keywords at the same place and they check everything simultaneously with the click of a button. Well, I have many sites and they each target many keywords, so monitoring my Google rankings is a really tough task.

Are you familiar with Free Monitor For Google? If you are not, here is how it works. You add a URL and then you add the keywords for that URL. You click a button, and then it checks for the rankings of that URL in those keywords. That would work if you had a couple of sites, but for many sites – it takes waaayyy too long and you have to be looking at it at all times so that you can click the button again to check for the keywords of the next URL. Also, it doesn’t keep track of your rankings… it only keeps track of your ranking last time you checked and compares it to the new one.

I found one other program – I don’t even remember the name cause I have already tried so many of them. That other program allows you to add all your URLs and all your keywords and then checks for all of them with the click of 1 button. Now, if I could set a delay in that program, then it would work perfectly. I would set a delay of like 30 seconds before checking for a new keyword and I would most likely avoid a temporary ban from Google – Google tends to ban your IP temporarily if you make many queries. I don’t mind letting a program run in the background for a whole hour even, if that would mean that I could be doing whatever I want during that time and then just go back and look at my accurate results. The problem as you can understand with that last application, is that when I go back to check at the results, all I see are dashes! A dash either means that my site is not ranking amongst the top X results for that keyword or that the application wasn’t able to check (because I had been temporarily banned from Google). It’s always the latter..

That’s when I found CuteRank! CuteRank is by far the best rank checker out there at the moment! It not only gives you accurate rankings for each of your keywords/URLs, but it also allows you to track the progress of your SEO campaigns by graphs which show any changes in your rankings over a given time! Needless to say, this application has been a huge help. If you are serious about managing your sites, then look no further. You need this tool!

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  1. Mark Andrews Says:

    I have a problem with CuteRank, which is a shame because I would buy it if I didnt.

    All of my keywords list as “not in top 100″ even though manaul checking (even from a third partys computer) shows some of my links are ranked highly.

    So all I can presume is the software is faulty and not accurate ?

  2. William Says:

    I’m having the same problem as the previous comment, more than a year after that comment was posted so there is obviously an ongoing problem with CuteRank – I just get the results showing “Not in 100″ even though manually checking the results shows that many are in the top 100 or even in the top 10.

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